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Different Designs of Living Rooms

Different Designs of Living Rooms

Need a little living room inspiration? From colour ideas to living room design, we have hundreds of stylish living room pictures to inspire. Do remember that living room decorating doesn’t have to be grand (we’re talking to you,  small living room owners). A simple feature wall, new living room lighting or even rugs can transform your space completely. So get inspired and dive into all our living room design ideas below. Your perfect living room could be just a picture away…

Below the sitting and dining room in this Caribbean bamboo house is the TV room, in which the walls and ceiling are clad in cured bamboo from Saint Vincent. The curved coffee table and chairs soften the rigid bamboo lines, while white and green fabrics are in keeping with the theme of nature. The house was designed by Veere Grenney.


The sitting room of Clare Mosley’s Georgian house, on the raised ground floor, extends from the front of the house to the back. The cream armchair is from Howe on Pimlico Road, the blue sofa is fromGeorge Sherlock and the blue footstool is from Sean Cooper Sofas. The gilded lamp on the occasional table and the walnut-framed mirror that hangs over the chimneypiece are examples of Clare’s work.


Designer and architect Rabih Hage did little to the structure of the living room of this west London house. Instead he focused on repairing the plasterwork and the cornicing, reinstating the dado, and putting in an elegant oak floor in a slightly unusual herringbone pattern – the wooden blocks lie at 60 degrees instead of the more usual 45 degrees.

Sand-coloured hessian-effect walls hand painted by Matthew Croxford of Croxford and Saunders provide a tranquil background to the art and artefacts. The room is anchored by two ‘Massimosistema’  sofas fromPoltrona Frau positioned on either side of the chimneypiece  and a bespoke rug by Denis Colomb.

Though the first impression is one of great calm and tranquillity, wherever one looks there are visual delights: antique Chinese pots, vintage lights, gold silk curtains from  Jim Thompson, a classic round rosewood table from Denmark, Queen Anne chairs reupholstered in purple velvet and a chandelier by Jeff Zimmerman.


In the drawing room of Clare Mosley’s Georgian house, the atmosphere is warm and cosy, especially with the fireplace lit. Chimneypieces were truffle-hunted from the backyards of various dealers in north London, since the owners were very particular that these should be of the same period as the house. The light in front of the right window was once an aspidistra stand, which Mark converted. The sofa is from George Sherlock.


In the morning room of Ugbrooke Park, a sofa and armchair, both covered in fabrics from Claremont, are positioned around an ottoman topped with a leopard-print rug. A column lamp from Vaughan sits on the console table at  the side of the sofa.


This living room styled by House & Garden’s Gabby Deeming and Ruth Sleightholme features plaited natural-fibre rugs and a Seventies sisal tapestry. These textural pieces add cosiness to the modernist barn designed by John Pawson.


How to cosy-up your décor

How to cosy-up your décor

Interior styling tips for the cooler months.

Have you started to notice the brisk evenings? Bring on the movie nights and reading by the fire!

We spoke to TheHome’s senior stylist, Mari Silva, about how to bring this comfy vibe into your décor.

She says, “the perfect winter look is all about using warm tactile materials in the same colour family, and the variation of tones and piles is what makes it so inviting”. Here are Mari’s top tips.


Mari tells us that bringing touches of the outdoors in will add instant warmth to your home. This is especially beneficial in the winter months, as you JulesHouse16of59can’t spend as much time outside as you’d like!


Layers are the easiest way to create a cosy atmosphere. As Mari explains, “To layer textures successfully, start with the lowest pile and build on that. For example, a leather sofa with velvet cushions and a sheepskin throw works well because they are all different piles.”


Winter is the perfect time to play with tones. Create depth in your décor by pulling off the tone-on-tone look. To do this, Mari says to use varying textures: “Natural materials are a great way to create visual interest – try sheepskin, basket weaving, knitted throws, leather and textural artworks.”


Décor isn’t just about the things you see – it’s also about the things you smell and hear. So to complete the cosy experience, involve all the senses: “light scented candles, dim the lights, put on some mellow tunes and crack open that bottle of wine!” Sounds like the ideal night in to us!