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Zen and tidy living is a priority for modern-day students

Zen and tidy living is a priority for modern-day students

Yes, we have to confess, we were surprised too…

‘Tidiness’ and ‘students’ aren’t generally two words that we would naturally connect together in a word game. It’s not so much that students are intrinsically messy, but, with so much fun to be had, cleaning doesn’t always make it high up on the to-do list.

Well, it certainly didn’t when we were at university – and honestly, it wasn’t that long ago… I’m a pretty tidy person (always have been – at the age of four, I was known to make my own bed without being asked to). However, while I didn’t live in a dirty pit at university, I definitely did forget about the
studcleaning. Other things – namely friends and fun, oh and studying of course – were on my mind.

But times are changing. According to a survey by, 55% of students like to keep their halls ‘calm, minimal, Zen and spotless’. Meanwhile, only 15% conform to the stereotype of a scruffy person surrounded by unwashed coffee mugs.

Admittedly, working is easier in a tidy space. And perhaps it’s because of whopping £9,000 tuition fees that students are taking things more seriously. With nights out in bars and clubs being so expensive as well, it’s no wonder that students are hanging out at home.

What they do splurge on, it seems, is their accommodation. According to the same research, 70% of those surveyed were prepared to spend money on decorating their rooms, with anything from fridges and sofas to silk sheets (whatever happened to a poly-cotton mix?).

Past generations might have preferred a sweaty dance floor to luxurious bedding, but today’s student is tidy, super diligent and an interiors whizz – goodness me, it’s a whole new world!


Hollywood Style to Your Home

Hollywood Style to Your Home

 Stylist Ashley Pratt on how to add a Hollywood touch to your home


Wes Anderson’s bold use of pink in The Grand Budapest Hotel was without a doubt a standout feature of the film.

1460074015709_InternfinalTo introduce this look in your home, try painting just a hallway or a powder room so as not to overwhelm.

Keep the shade crisp and clean and accessorise with black and brown furniture to smarten up the look. Anything white or pale in colour will give the space a doll’s house look.


The matching floral bedspread, curtains and desk chair were eye-catching in the film Midnight in Paris.

While this look can fell quite dowdy and old fashioned there are ways to modernise it.

Firstly stick to a monochrome floral with a large scale print. You can then add contrast through more graphic upholstery, solid blacks and a touch of gold for sophistication.


Production Designer Catherine Martin set the tone for The Great Gatsby with use of subtle textures, delicate fabrics and soft colours all of which were reflected in the art throughout the film.

Try this at home by mirroring the colours and textures of a favourite painting through your furniture and soft furnishings.

Artwork can bring a room to life, even more so when it enhances the rest of the features.


A home office can be one of the most important rooms in a house, especially when it is needed to spark creativity.

Try your hand at styling this space by giving it an industrial feel like that inThe Intern.

Start with a sleek desk, a bold rug and a statement pendant light. Add fresh flowers or plants, designer desk accessories and a sweet smelling candle to give the space a cosy, inspiring feel.


Taking inspiration from the homes of your favourite characters is a fun alternative form of inspiration but its important to be mindful that they are movie sets and recreating them in their entirety might feel too staged and overwhelming.

Instead pick and choose just a few of your favourite elements from a scene to bring the film to life in your own home.


Salute The Sun in Style

Salute The Sun in Style

A new hot yoga and pilates studio has opened in Sydney with the belief that our happiness is influenced by the space we inhabit both inside and outside our bodies.

1460511572128_one-hot-yoga-240065BelleA 1930s art deco beauty on an edgy street at the border of Sydney’s Kings Cross and Potts Point has been given an elegant makeover and a fresh purpose as One Hot Yoga & Pilates studio. The brainchild of architect Robert and yogi Lucinda Mills, it is part of a subtle regeneration that is giving this colourful night zone a real-life personality by day.

The City of Sydney is the Mills’s current landlord and the lease extends for a generous 15 years. “The building was vacant for a long time because without parking it was difficult to attract a corporate office to lease the space. We had been searching for a Sydney site for a year and when we saw the building we said yes immediately,” explains Robert.1460511609870_one-hot-yoga-239881Belle

“It would be difficult to achieve this kind of venture without the marriage of our expertise – literally. Lucinda’s yoga experience and my design skills meant we could get the space finished in just six weeks,” says Robert.

And the studio itself? It is light-filled with beautiful views over the urban rooftops of the area through to Paddington and beyond. It reinforces One Hot Yoga’s mantra that contentment is based on the collision of architecture, yoga and pilates – the premise that our happiness is influenced by the space we inhabit both inside and outside our bodies.

An air of subtle luxury permeates the entire address, from the serene foyer with leather-topped banquette seating, generous solid-oak table, Joshua Yeldham artwork and tactile timber floors to the airy rooms, linen curtains and gold and brass bathroom finishes designed by Robert and custom-made.

It defies the stereotypical hot yoga space using high-tech heaters to regenerate the airflow so that what you are breathing is fresh. And the sessions are accompanied by an uplifting soundtrack that is not remotely jarring.