How to Care for Your Deck

How to Care for Your Deck

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James Treble shares four simple steps to keep your deck looking divine.

A timber deck is a great place to relax with friends and family, read the paper or play with the kids, but due to our harsh climate, a deck can also take a beating from the elements, so regular maintenance is needed. Here’s some handy advice to make your deck “spruce up” a cinch.


Sand away any loose fibres and give the weathered boards a good clean using White Knight “Renew It! Deck Cleaner”. Always follow the instructions on the bottle and allow the boards to dry.


Check for any loose nails, screws or loose boards, and if required replace any damaged ones, especially near stairs or railings.

TOP TIPS1459750245346_201108023991257325

  • BIRD WATCH Maintain your deck by removing, and hosing off, bird droppings as often as you can. This will help prevent them from staining the timber – it gets worse the longer they stay.
  • UNDER PRESSURE Using a pressure washer can be another great way to clean up your deck ready for a restain. However, be careful with pressure washers as, depending upon the age of your deck, they can splinter the wood and remove the protective coating.
  • MIND THE GAP If there are any cracks in your deck deeper than 5mm fill them with an exterior paintable sealant chalk. When dry, give the area a light sand for a smooth finish, using a 120-grit abrasive or similar.

    3. PREP IT

    Apply two coats of White Knight “Renew It! Wood & Concrete Resurfacer”, following the label directions. It has a thick consistency, which rolls on really easily, so you can’t go wrong. Make sure you allow it to dry thoroughly between coats.


    There are hundreds of Taubmans colours, so you can match your deck to the rest of the house. This process is easy and the end result so amazing that the transformation will make your friends think you have a brand new deck. A great colour to consider is Taubmans “Fudge Truffle”.

    HOW TO: OIL & STAINwayman10

    • OILING Clean the deck with warm water and some detergent, and give it a good scrub, making sure it’s completely dry. U
      se a roller to apply a water-based decking oil with advanced UV protection. Oils dry quickly, and are usually
      resistant to mould and fungus.
    • STAINING You can apply stain the same way as the oil, but make sure it’s completely dry between coats, so you don’t get any drips or blotches.
Salute The Sun in Style

Salute The Sun in Style

A new hot yoga and pilates studio has opened in Sydney with the belief that our happiness is influenced by the space we inhabit both inside and outside our bodies.

1460511572128_one-hot-yoga-240065BelleA 1930s art deco beauty on an edgy street at the border of Sydney’s Kings Cross and Potts Point has been given an elegant makeover and a fresh purpose as One Hot Yoga & Pilates studio. The brainchild of architect Robert and yogi Lucinda Mills, it is part of a subtle regeneration that is giving this colourful night zone a real-life personality by day.

The City of Sydney is the Mills’s current landlord and the lease extends for a generous 15 years. “The building was vacant for a long time because without parking it was difficult to attract a corporate office to lease the space. We had been searching for a Sydney site for a year and when we saw the building we said yes immediately,” explains Robert.1460511609870_one-hot-yoga-239881Belle

“It would be difficult to achieve this kind of venture without the marriage of our expertise – literally. Lucinda’s yoga experience and my design skills meant we could get the space finished in just six weeks,” says Robert.

And the studio itself? It is light-filled with beautiful views over the urban rooftops of the area through to Paddington and beyond. It reinforces One Hot Yoga’s mantra that contentment is based on the collision of architecture, yoga and pilates – the premise that our happiness is influenced by the space we inhabit both inside and outside our bodies.

An air of subtle luxury permeates the entire address, from the serene foyer with leather-topped banquette seating, generous solid-oak table, Joshua Yeldham artwork and tactile timber floors to the airy rooms, linen curtains and gold and brass bathroom finishes designed by Robert and custom-made.

It defies the stereotypical hot yoga space using high-tech heaters to regenerate the airflow so that what you are breathing is fresh. And the sessions are accompanied by an uplifting soundtrack that is not remotely jarring.